Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oliver Cowboy

Just a few walks for Oliver, and I have to say, I'm impressed!  We hadn't met before yesterday (which I would otherwise never do, but this booking was for a friend, so I took the rules and bended them a bit).  As I entered, O did his best to act the guard dog, but gave up within a few barks.  Fantastic.  I appreciate a pup who knows to alert of impending danger, and then wait to see if the situation is actually dangerous!

He did just as his owners suggested; give him a little food to go in, and he'd need something to go "out."  He pulls a bit on the leash, but I think that was mostly my fault, as with this head cold I've got, I had no energy to establish walk boundaries.  I had a few hints that O was a good walker in that when I did warn him with a "hey, Oliver?" he happily ran right back to me and performed a few turns for me.

Pups with short legs like pugs are great about getting untangled from the leash.  O just lifted his arm & shook a bit; Free!  :)

Today I decided to bring Bella along for the walk, and O practically peed his pants with excitement!  He couldn't resist her "perfume" and jumped all over her.  B loved it!  Sometimes she gets annoyed with hyper pups, but I think yesterday's 8-hr drive (to Reno & back) left her craving some time with a peppy friend. 

I admit, we didn't do much boundary-setting on the leash today, either.  But why would I squash the fun the those two were having?  Thanks for letting me take care of little O Cowboy for a few days!

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