Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bieken & Bieser (& Pee-Soaked Socks)

The first few walks with new pups are always chaotic.  Even more so with puppies!  Bieken really doesn't mean to piddle indoors, but he just can't help how excited he gets.

I'm pretty sure that I made it worse by letting him out of his crated area before putting on the leash.  Better plan for next weekend:  Put myself in that crate and leash him up there, then be ready with coat and boots on to rush out the door.

We've got to set these puppies up for success.  All dogs, really, at any age!

Pee-Soaked Socks

True story about Bella when she was four months old:

Some people have their pups bark when they need to go out to potty.  Others have them ring a bell or paw at the door (Hunter does that without any training!)

I personally didn't want B doing any of those.  We just tried to be good about taking her out on a regular basis.  But we weren't always on top of things.  One evening, when B was about four months old, as Doug was standing at the sink doing dishes and I was working on the computer in the living room, Bella walked calmly over to Doug and stared up at him.  She needed to tell him something, but just didn't have the "words."

Doug paid no mind to B, as she didn't give any indication that she was stressed.  Standing on the cold, hard tile in his socks, a strange, warm sensation suddenly enveloped his feet.

"Argh!  What is th--?  Belle!"  He jumped away from the growing puddle as I looked up from my work just in time to see B stand up from her squat, confused.  "What's the problem, dad?  I'm just letting you know I had to go..."


Thank you, Bella, for teaching us a lesson that day, and for making me smile every time I think about it!

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