Sunday, July 25, 2010

The "First Draft"

It's time to start this thing.
I set up this page about two months ago, but haven't had the nerve to write anything. Why is this? It's not as if I don't have anything to say! In fact, when it comes to the description of this site, that it's to be a place for me to share my "journey" of discovering the different dog training methods, theories and ideas, well, I have plenty to say.

I think what I'm nervous about is the vulnerability of sharing these thoughts, and then later discovering how wrong I truly am (or, rather, was). If this were a personal journal, it wouldn't be so frightening. If no one else were to read these little posts, I wouldn't be so nervous about exposing myself to criticism. Because deep down (even now) I know that I'm wrong. I know that the way I handle the dogs around me at this moment isn't ideal. I'm a worrier. I get frustrated much too easily. At times I'm lazy. It's not even that I don't have all the answers; I have very few of them! The point is, I want to be better with the dogs I work with and live with. I have this itching, this inkling, that "better" is out there. And my one redeeming quality is that I'm willing to put in the work to get to better. I'm smart enough to know that there isn't one particular X-Marks-The-Spot idea. This will be an accumulation of ideas and theories.


Why a blog for everyone to read?

So why am I subjecting myself to this torture? Why don't I just keep this blog "safe"? Well, for me, safe isn't worth it. If I were only writing with friends, family or myself in mind as the audience, I probably wouldn't be so excited over the concept. Because I do want to find out what others think. I love a good debate. I love the adrenaline that starts flowing when someone catches me off-guard in an argument. I love the energy of the scramble that happens in my brain when I hear that, "But what about...?"

I do have a few concerns that my clients will "find me out" and this facade of "perfection" that I'm working so hard to create will be torn down in only a few posts. After all, it's a new business, and I'll be the first to tell you that it all starts with trust. Trust that I will be able to provide the quality, loving care that my clients' dogs deserve. To any clients (or potential clients) out there, my only hope is that you take this journey with me. I hope that through some of my trials and errors and successes, you'll be able to see yourself in my stories, and improve the relationships you have with the dogs around you, too!

And really, if any pet care professional tells you that they are perfect handlers of the dogs around them... that they've never cringed after giving a "heel" correction with the leash that was just a bit too hard... that they've never given the "Hey!" warning a bit too loud and growl-ey to stop a pup from eating something gross on the ground... that they've never strangled the air when the two year-old Labradors decide to run in opposite directions just as you've picked up the potty (but haven't flipped the bag to "secure" it with the handles)... they're either lying, they aren't very self-aware, or they don't care about getting potty on their hands.

Hence this silly little experiment in offering my thoughts and musings for your reading pleasure. Well, one can wish, yes?