Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bella, Jabba & Ozzy December Daycare

Bella's favorite spot, watching me in the office, or just watching the other pups as if to say, "Why are you wandering around like that?  Conserve some energy.  Come and relax."

Jabba was pretty hilarious, getting so excited the first time we went out into the yard and he could "fly" through the powder... that is, until he got stuck.  Bella thought he was silly, too, and started chasing around the "tunnels" when he looked back at her with that sheepish, snowy grin.

Even Ozzy got in on the action.  Our fence in the yard is a bit over 4 ft high, and the powder covers that height today!  Whew.  Can we just get one day without a foot of snow... please?  :)

The trees at our front porch.  Beautiful.


  1. Just wanted to say, Thanks Natalie.. Ozzy had a great time! He always loves being around you and the other dogs! Thanks again and hope to see you soon.. before the snow melts....

  2. Hopefully we have some time before that happens!

    209" in December, and at a grand total of 320" so far for the 2010/2011 Winter, we've nearly surpassed our seasonal average snowfall of 342.5"


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