Monday, January 10, 2011

Dogs & Town Government

I've always been interested in politics, both local and national.  But now that I'm moving forward with the daycare, these things are now directly connected to me, since the fate of Mammoth Lakes affects the fate of our success.

Below is my comment that I posted to the recent LATimes article titled, "Mammoth Lakes fears financial ruin after legal judgment."  Wow, what a doomsday title!

Frustratingly Uncertain

Ok, I get the whole idea of clearing out the town staff; replacing them (temporarily) with a group that's a bit more "proven" (an understatement). Financially it makes sense.

BUT!  Please wait until I receive my use permit application to open up my new dog daycare facility!  :)  The planning department has been working on it for three weeks now and I'm just days away from receiving my permit.  I know it's technically an advertisement, but I get the comment, "Oh!  I wish I knew about you the last time I vacationed in Mmmth, I wish I could've brought my dog!"  ... so I'm going to risk being reported and give out my website:    :D

As for what's going to happen here for the businesses, it's frustratingly uncertain.  We're now compounding the 2007 recession, the 2006-08 lower-than-average snowfall (222", 334" and 470"), and the housing market "throwback" to 1999 prices... with the potential threat of higher taxes and loss of amenities for our guests (visitors to town).  Part of the reason Mammoth is so attractive are things like our bus & trolley services, our SUPER (but probably expensive) trails system, and the multiple cultural events for the community.

If we lose those, I don't know... hey, at least we got 209" in December!

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